Tomorrow is a lie

Tomorrow is a lie.

Tomorrow I will start saving.

Tomorrow I will run.

Tomorrow I will start my diet.

Tomorrow I will quit my job.

Tomorrow I will write my book.

Tomorrow I will launch my company.

Tomorrow is a lie you tell yourself to make you feel better about not doing the thing that matters most to you.

So is ‘next week’.

And so is ‘next month’,

And then there is ‘one day’.

The ultimate lie.

Credit Hiut Denim

Happiness Mood


“Don’t forget to smile in any situation. As long as you are alive, there will be better things later, and there will be many”. Eiichiro Oda

Food Mood

Mood boosting foods

The food is a big part of factor to take in account when you do bodybuilding. Food influences not only our performance but food is also a big factor when it comes to our mood.

Here are examples of foods that can help improve your mood.

Credit: IG @drmarkhyman